Sector B

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Map of Sector B
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Mig-15bis squadron on Sector B - 1961

Sector B, now also known as "Salvation Island" or "Salvation City" is an artificially crated island situated a few kilometers North-East of the coast of the Taviana S.S.R. It was built during the 1950's on personal order of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union at the time. Sector B was originally intended as an experiment by Soviet scientists and architects to crate artificial islands anywhere out at sea to serve as military bases.

After the success of building the artificial island a temporary runway was built there in the early 1960's and a squadron of the Soviet Air Defence Force (Russian: Военно-воздушные силы, tr. Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily) aircraft was based there consisting of MIG-15's and later Sukhoi Su-17's with the objective of defending the natural gas drilling platforms in the area. In the early 1970's Kamov Ka-25 anti-submarine helicopters were permanently based on Sector B. By the late 1970's a full state of the art runway was built on Sector B along with state of the art infrastructure and a town fully equipped with a shop, school, hospital and enough space to permanently house up to 500 pilots, engineers, radio traffic controllers and commanders.

In the 1980's a fleet of Myasishchev M-55 reconnaissance aircraft and Tupolev Tu-95 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons where permanently based on Sector B along with a squadron of Ilyushin Il-102 attack aircraft.

The present

After the infection broke out, Sector B was taken over by the wealthy elites of the Taviana and Novistrana S.S.Rs who now live there protected by the world best mercenaries. The fate of the aircraft and helicopters stationed on the island is currently unknown, although it is thought that they were transported to the mainland to a secret location waiting to be used by the wealthy in case the island ever gets attacked by anyone. The island is run by a man known as "The Mayor" or "Mayor George" who's real name is Georgii Loeonidovič Bogdanov (Tavianian Cyrillic: Георгий Леонидобич Богданов) who used to be the supreme soviet of the Taviana S.S.R before the infection.

It is unknown what exactly there is on Sector B right now but the place is very well fortified and guarded with only a few that have ever gone there coming back alive, but it is thought that there are hoards of rare loot and weapons on the island along with rare documents.