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Patien 0's appearance is unknown


The identity, gender and ethnicity of Patient 0 is unknown, nothing is known about Patient 0 in fact his very existence is a mystery. Only one document has even been said to have been found in a top secret object known as 'X' also known as 'Dr. Ivan's laboratory' amongst survivors which is said to be a secret laboratory where Dr. Ivan is said to have worked before the infection.


Many survivors have speculated about the existence of Patient 0, some say that no such thing exists while others have reported seeing him and describe him as being male, more than 2.5 meters tall, very muscular and powerful with a deep roar and immense physical strength. Some say they have seen Patient 0 tear whole cows in half and rip vehicles apart. Others say that Patient 0 possesses superhuman powers such as thermal vision, the ability to run very fast, turn invisible and some even say that he has the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes. None of these sightings and properties have ever been confirmed tough and Patient 0's existence is shrouded in mystery.

Some have reportedly seen secret documents about Patient 0 and say that he is a mutant from the Chernobyl exclusion zone while others say that he is one of the scientists that worked at the X-18 lab underneath the Dark Valley near Pripyat that developed super human capabilities after the Chernobyl disaster and was taken to the remote Taviana S.S.R to perform secret experiments on. Others say that Patient 0 is one of the inhabitants from the Chelyabinsk region or even a scientist from the Mayak complex in that area.

The Cure

Some survivors say that Patient 0 has the cure to the infection, some even say that Patient 0 holds a substance which will give one eternal life and some believe that getting a blood transfusion from Patient 0 will give you superhuman powers!


The whereabouts of Patient 0 are unknown.