Mayor George

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Mayor George

Early Life

Georgii Mikhailovič Bogdanov a.k.a 'Mayor George' or 'The Mayor' (Tavianian Cyrillic: Георгий Михаилович Богданов) born on July 12, 1954 in Novi Dvor to Russian school teacher Yana Pavlovna Podnikova (Tavianian Cyrillic: Яна Павловна Подникова) and Mikhail Olegovič Bogdanov (Tavianian Cyrillic: Михаил Олечович Богданов) professor of mathematics at the TNUOT (Taviana National University Of Technology) in Sabina.

Georgii spent his childhood at the family home in Novi Dvor and attended elementary school at Branibor BBNSH No2 (ББНШ Но2 - Браибоская Началная Школа Но2) to which he used to take the daily bus between Bilgrad Na Moru and Branibor. During his childhood in Novi Dvor, Georgii developed an interest in aircraft and often sat by the fence at Krasnoznamen'sk airport where he would watch aircraft take off and land, he also made model aircraft with his grandfather in his workshop. Georgii was also fascinated by lake Slepac East of Novi Dvor and the small island of Christ The Savior where he would play with his friends and often camp for days with them pretending to be the king defending the island from the kids in neighboring villages.

Middle Years

Puberty was a hard time for Georgii. When he was 13 his mother passed away from a brain tumor, in the same year his grandfather also passed away and his father Mikhail now unable to take care of their family home alone sold it and moved to Sabina's newly constructed southern 'Dielnica' district where Georgii continued to attend school. Georgii's father re-married to Olga Nikolayovna Tachenko, head of engineering at the TNUOT (Taviana National University Of Technology) in Sabina. Georgii didn't take this well and disliked his fathers new wife. At the age of 18 Georgii accepted an offer from the Kalinin Polytechnical Institute (Ленинградский Политехнический Институт имени Калинина) and moved to Leningrad (Now St. Petersburg) where he studied nuclear engineering. After working in the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (Russian: Ленинградская атомная электростанция; Ленинградская АЭС) in Sosnovy Bor Georgii was transferred back to the Taviana S.S.R where he worked as head of the Treblyanka Nuclear Power Plant (Tavianian: Треблянка АЭС). Georgii acquired membership of the Communist party of the Taviana S.S.R as the head of the power plant and rose through the ranks to become minister of energy and eventually the supreme soviet of the republic.

Sector B

After the infection broke out, Georgii and a number of engineers from the Treblyanka Nuclear Power Station, as well as a number of high ranking military personnel and bankers escaped to Sector B, a remote airbase island in the North East of Taviana where they founded Salvation Island also known as 'Slavation City'. Georgii is the mayor of Salvation City and is now known as 'Mayor Goerge'.


Mayor George is found in different places around Sector B. He is armed with a Colt M1911 and is not going to be happy to see you!