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Origins Mod features a clothing system which allows you to fully customize your player with 7 types of clothing items that you can find and wear including hats, masks, jackets, gloves, trousers, shoes and arm bands which give you over 5000 possible combinations, meaning that nobody on the server will look the same. There are also all-in-one skins that you can wear which unlike individual clothing items will entirely change your whole players look.

First spawn

When you first spawn e.g. after death you will be taken to the character selection dialog where you can change the gender of your character using the male and female icons at the top of the window and your characters appearance. Currently you can choose from three different hair colours, brunette, blond and ginger using the two arrows at the bottom. Your characters appearance will be displayed in the preview window.

Once happy with your characters appearance press the 'Lets Go' button to proceed to the spawn location selection dialog and finally spawn on the map.

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Finding & Wearing Clothes

You can find clothes lying around the map in various locations such as shops, houses etc... just like any other loot. You can also find special clothes on Sector B. Pick them up like regular loot. To wear them right-click on an item and select 'Wear'.


The item will appear at the top of your inventory in the clothing section. (If you are already wearing e.g. a jacket and want to wear another jacket instead you do not need to take it off, just wear the item you want and they will swap places).


To take an item off right-click it and select 'Take Off'. The item will be moved to your inventory providing there is enough space for it.


There are three types of clothes items, male, female and unisex. Make sure to read the description of each item to make sure its compatible with your gender as you cannot wear clothes of the opposite gender.

All-In-One Skins

Apart from individual clothing items you can also find and wear all-in-one skins which will completely change your characters entire appearance. All in one skins can be found in packets that look like this

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. Put them on just like other clothing items.

Before you can wear an all-in-one skin you need to take off all other clothing items that you are wearing.

The all-in-one skins that you can wear are tied in to whether you are a bandit or hero (click here for more info) and on the number of your humanity (Click here for more info on the humanity system)

So if you are a level 1 female bandit you will only be able to wear female level 1 bandit all in one skins. If you are a male level 3 hero you will only be able to wear male hero skins up to level 3.

Your humanity and whether you are a bandit or hero does not affect individual clothing items, only all-in-one skins.

For a full list of all in one skins see the categories below:

Helmet Protection

By wearing army helmets such as this

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you will get 95% protection against head shots from pistols and light sub machine guns. The higher the caliber the less protection the helmet gives you, so if you get shot in the head with a DsHKM don't expect much protection, but if you get shot with a pistol or sub machine gun you have a high chance of surviving.

This also applies to all-in-one skins with helmets and stronghold skins with helmets.

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