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New to Origins

Welcome to the land of Taviana!

This guide assumes you have played Dayz before on normal Dayz servers and you are new to Dayz Origins – Taviana.

So what differentiates dayz Origins from normal dayz? What awaits you on dayz Origins?

These are some of the major differences you should be aware of:

Persistent Character Leveling

Humanity System - Dayz Origins introduces a unique character leveling system based on a Humanity score.

Will you be a bandit? A hero? Or just a survivor? How you behave in-game will determine your path.

Origins also allows you to choose your sex: Male? Female? Often!? You re-choose every time you re-spawn.

Persistent Character Skillz

Introducing persistent skills into dayz there are now medical & mechanical skills your character can learn that do not reset when you die.

Press F1 during gameplay to view your skillz page.

Unique Origins Equipment Screen

The unique origins equipment screen allows you to carry 2 main weapons (swap guns using mousewheel), you can also find and wear a medical toolbox which holds up to 6 extra medical items, there are also various body armour(s) you can find to insert/remove armour plates from.

Equipment screen.jpeg

Unique Housing system

Build and lock yourself up in a little house(s) of your own anywhere on the server, use it as a base to safely store items and get a good night sleep in.

Have u ever seen a radio tower and thought… “Why can’t I build my house high up there away from all the zombies?” – Well now you can! Build your house on any electrical tower and keep expanding on it until you finish with a heli pad on the roof!

And finally we have to mention Strongholds for clans! That’s right, get your clan or friends together and all pitch in and build a huge castle type Stronghold with room for everyone.

Hundreds of new and unique items only found in Origins

Guns, hand-to-hand weapons, tools, medical equipment, building supplies, vehicle parts, spray paint stencils, skill books... with special mention to the Sponge Bob & Patrick backpacks! (and 60+ new enterable buildings to explore)

Dynamic Carry Weight System

As you acquire more loot, a carry-load bar will fill up. This dynamic system means the more you carry, the more you become susceptible to passing out or even worse… breaking a leg! Neither scenario is a relaxing time when you have a few zombies chasing you.

Now you have to decide...
Should I risk picking up that last rare helicopter engine now or should I try and come back for it?
If I take all the loot from this corpse i'll pass out... I can hear gunshots! Quick, what should I take?

AI Missions / Dr Ivan’s Lab / Sector B Island

If fighting zombies is something you do blindfolded, you won’t be doing that on Origins!
Here the zombies hit hard and fast so they are a constant realistic threat as they should be... arghhh im bleeding again!

However, there are numerous AI enemies also willing to step up and challenge you. Depending on your server settings, various missions will spawn at random locations across the map and reset every 4 hours when the server resets.

There’s also Taviana’s famous Dr Ivans Lab to find and explore; or if you’re really feeling adventurous (suicidal) then why not take a nice slow raft ride around the scenic Sector B Island!

Unique Mission Tracker

Most Origins servers start you with a PDA device (tool) which you can access by pressing the number ‘7’ key. This opens up the mission screen where you can read a description of any missions available.

Press the '7' key to open up the PDA Missions screen (default)
Press the ‘8’ key to cycle the PDA Mission text through 3 different languages (default)

Unique Apocalyptic Vehicles

Cars / Trucks / Rafts / Submarines / Helicopters & Planes
Vehicles can be locked once repaired and most can also be spray painted with custom stencil patterns or colours.
There are even foldable bikes and inflatable boats that you can wear in place of a backpack, perfect for one-way trips or quickly getting back to your corpse

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Enhanced Day/Night Cycle

Every 4 hours the game transitions through a realistic 24-hour day/night cycle of lighting conditions and weather. Don’t get caught naked on the mountain tops at night, you have been warned!

5 Types of Illnesses

We all know zombies, guns and starvation will kill you… now the weather & disease will too!
Catch a cold from other players nearby, find winter clothing to survive in the snow or die from hyperthermia, wear appropriate medical equipment when you are elbow deep in zombie guts or… *cough* *cough*… well im sure you can guess! And no you don’t respawn as a mindless zombie if you die from ‘the virus’ :-/

Super Zombie

In origins there is a mutated super zombie known as ‘Patient Zero’. You will come to know his distinctive colour when he eats you for the fifth time (no spoilers here) but if you do manage to kill one he often holds a rare item or two!

Recent Updates and Changelogs

Listed above are only some of the unique features of Dayz Origins.
Here you can read the latest huge 1.8 Origins update changelog on our forum page.
And here is a list of the changelogs from previous updates.